If you then, do not find answers to your questions please write to [email protected] and we will answer them ASAP.

- What days do we deliver Roses Arrangements?

We deliver every day of the year.

- What payments forms do we accept?

We offer two payment:

  • Cash

Upon delivery (Only Rosas en Casa Home products) .

Baloto (Only with purchasing order)

  • Electronic Payment

We accept all major credit cards AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, VISA, MASTERCARD , and CREDENCIAL, as well as, debit card from checking or savings account for all financial institutions linked to the ACH network - PSE Colombia.


- Do I have trouble completing my order?

If you have problems completing your order of Roses Arrangement contact any of the telephone numbers or email us at [email protected], and we will resolve your problem in the shortest time possible.

- Can I cancel a purchase order already generated in the Online Shop?

All orders of Flower Arrangement can be canceled with a cost equivalent to COP$ 15.000 (Fifteen thousand Colombian pesos), this cancellation could be done via e- mail by writing to [email protected] including the order number you wish to cancel or by telephone dialing to any of the contact phone numbers.

Note that any order cancellation must be made at least one day in advance from delivery.

- Can I modify a purchase order?

If you want to make additions or modify an order of your Roses Arrangement; write to [email protected] or call us to one of the contact numbers. Modifications to be done in the same day of deliver should be only done by telephone.

- What is the delivery time?

By policy we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. However in the observation window you can request a desired delivery time and we will try to meet. NOTE: In peak seasons as VALENTINE’S DAY, MOTHER'S DAY, SECRETARY DAY, WOMAN’S DAY, etc. delivery is guaranteed for the day that the order has been requested.

- How do I know if my order was delivered?

When the product is delivered a text message is send to the mobile phone provided in the purchase process. If you need proof from the receipt you can request at [email protected] including the number of purchase order or via telephone dialing any of the contact numbers.

- What if there is no one who can receive the flowers arrangement at the time of delivery?

If there is no one at the time of delivery, we will contact you to authorize to leave it with the doorman or find a solution.

Did I forget the password to access the On- line Store, what should I do?

BOGOTA FLOWERS We deliver every day of the year.

- Delivery restrictions for ROSES ARRANGEMENTS?

We don’t delivered Roses arrangements at the following locations in Bogota (San Cristobal, Usme, Sumapaz, Ciudad Bolivar, Tunjuelito, Bosa, Kenedy, Tunal & Soacha).

For national shipping of roses arrangements in Colombia delivery restrictions depend on the logistics operator in charge of making the delivery, the restrictions may be different for each city.

- Is it safe to buy in the On-line Store?

We understand the importance of safety in conducting electronic payments over the Internet. Payment platforms to which we are associated (payuLatam - &PAYPAL ) use various tools to provide security for each transaction. Here are some steps taken in the process of each transaction: - Https : All data is transmitted through SSL security protocol that guarantees absolute confidentiality (which can not be observed by a third party). - VeriSign Security Certificate: Payments platforms have an Internet certificate that prevents impersonation, issued by Verisign ( world leader in issuing digital certificates . - Security Certificate Hacker 's Safe: Payment Platform ( has a continuous monitoring service by ScanAlert Company ( . The security certificate is renewed daily and is only issued if the pages meet the highest safety standards. - Firewall : Servers payments platform ( ) are protected by Cisco PIX Firewall that prevents unauthorized users from entering the system. - Data Encryption: Critical information of our clients and customers is stored encrypted in the system using algorithms widely recognized worldwide, such as MD5 ,SHA -1 , DES and 3DES . - Security Policy : Employees do not have access to credit card numbers , these numbers are stored encrypted in the database using public key cryptography